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Available Services and Costs


BREAST SCREENING Medical infrared thermal imaging for breast screening is available to the public without having to become a patient of the Carolina Center.  This  procedure includes 8 to 10 views and costs $235. 

MEDICAL CONSULTATION: For those individuals with specific health concerns for which they are seeking additional information by thermal imaging, clinical correlation is highly recommended.  Clients undergoing scans in our Raleigh location may request a 15-minute consultation with Dr. Pittman following your scan to review your health history and the findings of the scan, as well as to discuss any further evaluation or possible treatment recommendations.  Additional testing can be ordered if needed and follow-up will be provided to insure any issues related to the findings of this scan are managed.  There is an additional $110 charge for this physician encounter, however be aware that if any significant issues arise for which more extensive evaluation or treatment needs to be provided, it may be necessary to schedule a longer visit.  Please let our staff know which type visit you would like to schedule. Clients in Wilmington can also schedule a consultation, but it will be scheduled on a different day than your scan. 

ADDITIONAL SCANS AVAILABLE WITH CONSULTATION:  Screening for other body regions is available but can only be provided within the context of a medical encounter in order to provide an accurate interpretation.  These views include the following with prices reflecting the additional $110 consultation fee:

  • Abdomen and Lower Back – 4 views / $230
  • Head and Neck – 6 views / $290
  • Men (for cardiovascular health screening) – 7 views / $315


Service Locations

Carolina Thermascan operates in three North Carolina Locations:

Raleigh:  Weekly appointment times available on Thursdays, Fridays and select Saturdays.

Greensboro:  Appointment times available the first and third Wednesday of each month. 

Wilmington:  Appointment times available on select Fridays every other month. 


Please contact our office at 919-781-6999 to schedule an appointment. 

Appointment Scheduling Hours:

Tuesday through Thursday: 9AM to 5PM

Fridays: 9AM to 1PM


Please click the link below for the type of scan you wish to undergo to complete and bring with you to your appointment.  

Breast Registration Form, Questionnaire and Consent Forms (Female)

Head and Neck Registration Form, Questionnaire and Consent Forms

Chest and Lungs Registration Form, Questionnaire and Consent Forms (Male)

Abdomen and Lower Back Registration Form, Questionnaire and Consent Forms

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